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Hands Free Bitcoin Bit Kit – Plug and Play Bitcoin Miner – 14 TH/s ASIC Miner – All in One, Easy Bitcoin Mining Kit



  • The Bit Kit connects to the internet and automatically validates transactions on the Bitcoin network. You get paid in bitcoin for keeping the network safe and secure.
  • Easy to set up – Comes with everything you need to start mining bitcoin. Just plug it into your home power and internet and turn it on.
  • Easy to use – Requires no special knowledge to operate. This machine will passively add bitcoin to your account every day.
  • Easy to save – Watch your bitcoin wallet grow and enjoy the benefits of earning real bitcoin.
  • Easy to spend – Our mobile-friendly platform allows you to send or spend your bitcoin effortlessly.


$1,500.00 $900.00



The Hands Free Bitcoin Bit Kit is a bitcoin miner that includes all of the hardware and software you need to start mining your own bitcoin. Set up simply requires that you connect the power and internet cables, position the power switch to “on”, and connect it to your online account. That’s it… really!

This product includes all of the components that allow you to seamlessly operate and install the pre-assembled Bit Kit in a matter of seconds. Power and Internet cables are included. Requires power and a stable internet connection of at least 1Mbps. At 110 V – 120 V, please allow for a minimum circuit rating of 15A per Bit Kit. If you are operating more than 1 Bit Kit, you may need to have them on separate circuits to avoid tripping the breaker.

Once you receive your Bit Kit you will register an account at handsfreebitcoin.com. You will, then, follow the directions on your Start-Up Guide to add your Bit Kit to your account via the built-in QR code reader. After the Bit Kit is added to your account our software and hardware mines the bitcoin straight into your account. You can withdraw or send bitcoin at any time. You earn 93% of the bitcoin contributed by your hashing power. Hands Free Bitcoin retains 7% for fees and operational costs. This ensures the best experience and ongoing support for our customers. Due to changes in network hashrate, network difficulty, and individual’s hashrates, the amount of bitcoin mined may fluctuate. This product has an average hash rate of 14 Terahashes per second (+/- 5%) and uses 1190 Watts. Hands Free Bitcoin is not responsible for any costs associated with mining bitcoin, such as: electricity, internet, shipping, storage, heating/cooling, sound containment, ventilation, or any other costs that the user may incur. Bitcoin miners (Bit Kits) generate heat and sound. It is recommended that the unit is placed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from your living environment.

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